18" Push Broom Head, Stiff

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Item #: 45C110041

** Requires STANDARD Threaded Handle - Sold Separately **

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Product Details

Stiff, crimped bristles are ideally suited for extra heavy-duty sweeping jobs. Structural foam block with two threaded handles holes. For bristle longevity, alternate handle between handle holes in block bi-weekly.  Polypropylene bristles.
Designed for Rough Unfinished Surfaces: Wood, Rough Concrete, Paved and Blacktop.

High Quality synthetic bristles firmly staple set into a plastic block - 18". Use for average to rough floor or outside, moderate to heavy debris. Can also be used a floor scrub brush.

Size: 18" W x 2-1/2" H, 3" bristle trim.

Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black


** Handle not included **

Requires a standard thread handle.




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