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18 inch Multi Purpose Push Broom Head

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Item #: 45C110046

** Requires STANDARD Threaded Handle - Sold Separately **

Color: black
Sku: 45C110046-BK
Color: blue
Sku: 45C110046-BL
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Color: green
Sku: 45C110046-GR
Color: orange
Sku: 45C110046-OR
Color: purple
Sku: 45C110046-PR
Color: red
Sku: 45C110046-RD
Color: white
Sku: 45C110046-WH
Color: yellow
Sku: 45C110046-YW

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Great for all your sweeping applications. Angled trim with stiff bristles in the front to move heavy debris and fine bristles in the back for smaller particles. 18" Plastic block.

Size:  18" wide, 2.38" bristle trim.

Colors: Black, blue, green, red, yellow, white, orange, purple


  • Base resins used to produce blocks and bristles are made of FDA approved materials.
  • BPA free.
  • Unique sweep that combines the features of fine, medium, and heavy floor sweeps into one convenient, all purpose floor sweep.
  • Hygienic plastic block is non-absorbent.
  • Synthetic bristles have angled pitch for fast, effective sweeping on all types of floor surfaces.
  • Short, heavy bristles in front easily sweeps up heavy debris.
  • Long, fine/medium bristles in back sweep fine dust and particles; can be used with sweeping compounds.


** Handle not included **

Requires a standard thread handle.



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