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13 in. Fine Particle Baker's Brush Soft

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Item #: 45C4587
Color: black
Sku: 45C4587-BK
Color: blue
Sku: 45C4587-BL
Color: brown
Sku: 45C4587-BR
Color: gray
Sku: 45C4587-GY
Color: green
Sku: 45C4587-GR
Color: lime
Sku: 45C4587-LM
Color: orange
Sku: 45C4587-OR
Color: pink
Sku: 45C4587-PK
Color: purple
Sku: 45C4587-PR
Color: red
Sku: 45C4587-RD
Color: white
Sku: 45C4587-WH
Color: yellow
Sku: 45C4587-YW

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This is a dusting brush with a smooth, ergonomically designed handle. The soft bristles are designed for brushing dry, fine particles, such as dust, flour, icing sugar. It is also used as a dustpan brush on floors.

Size: 13” L x 1.3” W x 3.3” H

Weight: 0.38lbs.

FDA Compliant Materials:

  • Polypropylene Block
  • Polyester Bristles

Bristle Stiffness: Soft

Working Temp: -22° F/-30° C to 176° F/80° C

Autoclaveable To: 250° F/121° C


Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White & Yellow



Remco Product: 4587



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Great Product! Stars Score 4

Reviewer: from Southern Maine

I was so excited to receive my hand brush! I opened it up and was impressed with how well it was packaged. I put it to use right away and began cleaning under my entertainment center. The bristles were soft which was great because the dust didn't kick back at me as it would with hard bristles. The grip handle is comfortable too! The shipping was a little slow but all in all a great product.


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