QuickMount Barricade, 18' Retractable Message Safety Belt

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QuickMount Barricades contain an 18' retractable safety belt enclosed in aluminum housing. The QuickMount back plate is designed to temporarily attach to warehouse shelving uprights blocking off warehouse aisles. QuickMounts are used by the forklift operator to block off an aisle while loading products onto shelving. The units are finished in Safety Yellow or Wrinkle Black. Safety Yellow belt recommend, but all belt colors are available.


Adjustable Mounting Option: has moveable clips for use with uprights with holes measuring anywhere from 1 inch to 3.5 inches apart.

Housing Finish: Wrinkle Black
Housing Size: 5" x 3-1/2"
Belt Length: 18 Feet
Belt Text:
     1) Caution = "Caution - Please Do Not Enter"
     2) Closed = "Please Do Not Enter - Temporarily Closed"
Belt Color: Florescent yellow with black text

Item# 10BQM18T-(text)


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