Magnetic Wall Mount, 7' Retractable Belt

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Item #: 10BMWM7

Quantity Colors Sku Price
red 10BMWM7-RD


blue 10BMWM7-BL


florescent yellow 10BMWM7-FYW


forest green 10BMWM7-FGR


orange 10BMWM7-OR


black/yellow 10BMWM7-BKY


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Product Details

Wall mounted units contain a 7' Retractable Belt Closure which attaches to metal surfaces. Installation is achieved with a powerful magnet, eliminating mounting hardware.

The units are ideal for attachment to steel warehouse uprights or equipment. Available in a variety of belt colors and standard messages as indicated.

Housing Finish: Wrinkle Black
Housing Size: 2" x 3"
Belt Length: 7 Feet
Belt Colors: Red, blue, florescent yellow, forest green, orange, black & yellow striped.

Item#: 10BMWM7-color


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