5S Audit Scoreboard: _ Days of 5S Audit Score At Or Above Goal

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Make tracking your teams 5S progress simple and easy.  Keep workers informed and motivated to hit goals.


  • 28"H x 20"W x 2"D aluminum construction.
  • Automatically count days with minimal effort.
  • Tamper-proof display easily sets with handheld remote control.
  • Four digit LED display with 2 1/2"H numbers.
  • Digit colors can be adjusted to reflect goal status: green for days over goal, red for days under.
  • Operates on 110VAC with a 6-ft. power cord (for indoor use only).
  • In a power failure all information is stored.
  • Set to display days, or flash between days, date, and clock.
  • Innovative, durable, frameless construction.
  • Built-in hidden rear mounting brackets.
  • Includes one (1) electronic display to count days and one (1) magnetic display with changeable numbers to set your goal.
  • Includes 40 piece magnetic number set (four of each 0-9)
  • Sold individually


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Item# 15SES501


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