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Foam Tool Box Organizer

Do It Yourself Foam Tool Organizer Kit!

Designed to provide positive tool control and eliminate tool FOD (foreign object damage). Two color shadow board foam tool organizers enhance productivity, tool accountability and asset management. The kit comes with all the pieces you see to the right. You customize the foam to your specific needs by tracing the tool, then cutting it out of the foam, then placing it in the draw. It is that easy!

The kits are made of LD45 Zotefoam a (2.8 pcf) cross-linked polyethylene.

Durable, long lasting product lifespan. Can be utilized in harsh industrial environments. Precision fit. FOD control, improved productivity

Durable foam in vivid colors. Resistant to chemicals. CNC-controlled tolerances

Kit includes:
• 2 adhesive backed layout sheets used for tracing your tools
• 1 piece of 1/2" foam (26 1/4" x 39") with permanent adhesive on one side
• 1 piece of 1/4" foam (26 1/4" x 39") plain
• Instructions for use

Color available: Blue with yellow, black with red, and ESD black with pink

Custom tool shadow boards are also available either with the high density foam in our DIY kit or with PVC/HDPE for clean rooms.

Foam Tool Organizer Kit

Foam Tool Organizer Kit
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 ESD Foam Tool Organizer Kit

ESD Foam Tool Organizer Kit
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 Custom Foam Store-Drawers

Custom Foam Store-Drawers
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