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Our 5S Assessment Program is a one day in person tour of your facility with a laser like focus on your 5S process. Much more than just a scoring of each 5S component, I will conduct a robust and thorough analysis for each of the areas below. You will receive a comprehensive report of my findings along with a detailed plan for improvement. Some of the areas covered are below:


  1. Review of your current 5S training program
  2. Red Tag process review
  3. Standards – colors, supplies, expectations, ease of use, clarity
  4. Sustaining - Rewards/recognition programs?
  5. A deep dive into your 5S Audit program – scoring, subjectivity, expectations, accountability, frequency, follow up to action items, enthusiasm, empathetic, challenging or subdued (just checking off or root cause), roles and responsibilities.
  6. 5S Communication – methods, updated, perception.
  7. Set In Order (i.e. Material availability – stocked, locked, empowering. Standards?)
  8. Supervisor/Management/Sr. Staff involvement? What is the hierarchy? 5S Roles?
  9. Behavioral challenges impacting 5S progress
  10. Visual control ideas for floor marking, signs, Kanban, safety, and 5S.
  11. Two bi-weekly phone calls to review improvements made and discuss and resolve any ongoing challenges
  12. A thorough clearly defined Action Plan for improvement


As an added benefit, I will report on any employee safety concerns. Additionally, this visit can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Simply give me a call.

For more information contact David Visco at (978)433-5035 or email at [email protected]



The 5S Store has grown to be the leading provider of 5S / visual management supplies and custom point of use solutions, and we have added a full-service on-site consulting division.


  • 5S on-site training and plant level program design / installation 
  • On-site assessment of your 5S program
  • Stockroom design and efficiency improvement services 
  • Kaizen events 
  • Production Work Flow Improvements 
  • Production Process Preparation (3P) Workshops 
  • Value Stream Mapping (manufacturing and office) 
  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) 
  • Cell design / factory design 
  • Experiential workforce training through Train–Do–Learn-Train–Do–Learn events 
  • Train-the Trainer mentoring programs - to develop your own in-house lean facilitators 


Unlike typical lean consultants, we roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with your employees to facilitate practical changes that produce lasting innovations – and empower teams to win.

I've worked with consultants in the past. With The 5S Store consultants, we accomplished so much in just a few days. The energy from The 5S Store trainer was like nothing I’ve seen before”. Matt P - Kraft Foods. 

“We asked David Visco, from The 5S Store, to came to our facility to conduct an assessment of our 5S program. David did a thorough analysis of our entire program and provided some great insights and ideas on how we could continue to improve. He was great to work with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend contacting David if you need to help with your 5S initiative.” Emily, Abbott Nutrition, MI

The 5S Store has achieved steady growth throughout its history by focusing on customers’ needs and enhancing our ability to quickly provide solutions that maximize return on investments. Our consulting staff focuses to improve the profitability, productivity, quality and efficiency of your business. Collectively, we have more than 100 years of process improvement experience.


For more information, please contact us at 978-842-4610 or email David Visco at [email protected] 

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The 5S Store Team 

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