Angle-Vu Adjustable Label Holders, 25 pk

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New from Akro-Mils: Angle-Vu Adjustable Wire Shelving Label Holders - an innovative new solution for labeling items on wire shelving systems!

The new Angle-Vu label holders snap on to the edge of most major brand wire shelving, and they can be adjusted to position the label at 30, 60 or 90 (flat) degrees. The adjustable holders allow the label face to be pointed upward on low shelves and downward on high shelves for easier viewing and scanning of bar codes. Made of clear PVC, the label holders protect insertable card stock labels (included).

Perfect for 1:1 labeling used in 5S Lean initiatives, the holders keep labels at a comfortable viewing angle and can be adjusted to the proper angle for any shelf height or application.

Size: 3" - 1-1/4"
Qty: 25 pk (card stock labels included)

Made in the USA

Item# 21WHAV306


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