2" x 100' DuraStripe Deep Freeze Floor Tape, Yellow

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The most rugged material for harsh low temperature and freezer environments!

DuraStripe Deep Freezer floor tape combines a durable, impact resistant surface with an aggressive, low temperature adhesive to deliver a tape material that conquers even the harshest freezer environments. Its low friction surface is engineered to resist damage caused by skidding and pivoting forklift wheels - two common causes of aisle marking destruction. Beveled edges assist dragged or pushed pallets in sliding over the tape to resist chipping, slicing and tearing, even in cold environments.

Size: 2" x 100', 0.55 mm
Color: Yellow only
Qty: per roll

The cure time for Deep Freeze adhesive is directly related to application temperature. The ideal application temperature to achieve the most rapid bond is 40 Deg F (5 deg C). If necessary Deep Freeze can be installed at -20 Deg F (-29 deg C), or even lower temperatures, but installation in environments below freezing will prolong the time necessary to achieve maximum bond.  Wait 24 hours minimum for when temps are below 0 Deg F.

Item# 10TDSDF2


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