1-11/16" x 4" Perforated Card Sheets

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Item #: 60LPC15X4

Quantity Color Sku Price
blue 60LPC15X4-BL


gold 60LPC15X4-GD


gray 60LPC15X4-GY


lime 60LPC15X4-LM


pink 60LPC15X4-PK


red 60LPC15X4-RD


salmon 60LPC15X4-SN


white 60LPC15X4-WH


yellow 60LPC15X4-YW


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Product Details

Print bar codes, SKUs and other product data. Increase productivity and reduce errors with colored cards.  Feeds thru most printers and copiers.


Size: 1-11/16" x 4"
Colors: Blue, gold, gray, lime, pink, red, salmon, white, yellow
Qty: 20 (8-1/2 x 11) sheets per pack, 240 total 1-11/16x4 cards

Material: card stock

Item# 60LPC134X4-(color)


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